Enterprise Security

DNS Firewall


Threat Prevention

DNS firewalls block access to malicious or suspicious websites, preventing users from accessing potentially harmful content or falling victim to phishing or malware attacks.

Enhanced Security

DNS firewalls help protect against DNS-based attacks, such as DNS hijacking or DNS spoofing, by filtering and validating DNS requests and responses.

Improved Network Performance

By blocking access to malicious or unwanted domains, DNS firewalls reduce the risk of users inadvertently accessing harmful websites, leading to improved network performance and increased productivity.

Content Filtering

DNS firewalls can be used to enforce content filtering policies, allowing organizations to block access to inappropriate or non-compliant websites based on predefined categories or custom rules.

Compliance and Policy Enforcement

DNS firewalls enable organizations to enforce security policies and regulatory compliance requirements by blocking access to unauthorized or non-compliant websites or by redirecting traffic through secure gateways for inspection and monitoring.


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