Web / Mobile Application Development

Through years of development experience, We have developed mature processes for understanding, planning, and executing solutions to business problems, at the same time, all processes are well documented. We have simultaneously developed and honed our competencies in business strategy, project management, technology, user interface design, and quality management.

Our process includes four stages of development to ensure your solution is a success:

  1. Consulting / Requirement Analysis
  2. System Design / User Interface Design
  3. Implementation / Detail Design
  4. Delivery / Testing / Maintenance

Step 1: Consulting / Requirement Analysis

Understanding your business, strategy and initiatives is the critical first step.Beginning with the discovery stage, we work with you to understand your strategic initiatives. Using traditional business and gap analysis, we develop clear, functional requirements, along with a detailed specification document to ensure that your implementation most effectively meets your business objectives. We work with you to clearly understand your short-term needs and long-term goals, operations, and technical environments. Once these are clarified, we create a strategic plan of action. We also establish the project scope, budget, and a detailed work plan.

Step 2: System Design / User Interface Design

Our team works with you through the pre-development stage by identifying feature functionality and integration specifications, while agreeing upon deliverable dates and costs. Given the strategic plan of action, we develop a clear functional and technical architecture of the solution that you require. This includes articulation of the functions, supporting technology and infrastructure. Our team combines the necessary elements of workflows, use cases, screen layouts and user experience to define the functional architecture. Thereafter, the necessary application architecture, data architecture and infrastructure design are detailed.

Step 3: Implementation / Detail Design

Once we enter the development stage, we begin implementation, establish data exchanges, and establish training schedules. Given detailed technical specifications and a sound coding standard our technical team develops and implements the final product that generates results. Our development can be pure "build from scratch" but more typically also includes integration of your existing systems with our recommended solutions. We test and quality assure the system and provide knowledge transfer to make sure your people can manage and maintain independently.

Step 4: Delivery / Testing / Maintenance

After extensive quality assurance, we deploy your solution and establish ongoing maintenance requirements. We monitor the delivered solution over time and respond to changes in your business and technology environment. We gather feedback and present our thoughts on how to approach the next generation of the solution. We will also make system changes, provide training, and further support your system as needed.

Skill Sets

  • ·PHP / Perl / Ruby / Python
  • ·ASP / .Net / C / C# / Xcode
  • ·HTML5 / Javascript / Ajax / jQuery
  • ·MSSQL / MySQL
  • ·Windows / Linux / Unix / iOS / Android

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