Data Center

Dedicated Server

We offer range of dedicated server rental packages, from economic-affordable to high-performance disaster endurable ones, yet, customizable

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Server Co-location

You may host your server in our Tier-2/3/3+ data centers, empowered with UPS, high speed networking and equipped with professional management services

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Network Security

We also provide network equipments such as router, switch, firewall, bundling with management and security enhancements to secure your business

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Dedicated Bandwidth

If default shared network is not satisfactory for your mission-critical-application and business, dedicated bandwidth and broadband might be adopted, with BGP IP-Carry-On capable

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Cloud / Virtualization

Secure and virtualize your existing system with stronger hardware and take advantages of routine secure backups over Citrix Xen, VMWare vSphere and Hyper-V

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Remote Hand

In case of emergency, you may call us for remote hand and manual help to solve critical hardware and network problems, you may also send parts to us for replacement

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Data Center Facilites & Features

  • ~ 2Gbps to HKIX core backbone connection
  • ~ Reliable and stable power supply
  • ~ Diesel Power Generator
  • ~ Constant Air-conditioned and Humidity Control System (CRAC)
  • ~ Standard racking system
  • ~ High speed networking Interface (100Mbps / 1000Mbps)
  • ~ Central DDOS Protection
  • ~ 24 x 7 monitoring & support / OPC
  • ~ 3 Level Access Control
  • ~ Multi-Lingual Support (English + Chinese/Mandarin/Cantonese)

Data Center

  • Location:Hong Kong
  • Tier:2/3/3+
  • Floor Height:4.3m (Slab to Slab)
  • Floor Height:2.7m Raised Floor to False Ceiling
  • Raised Floor:0.6 m
  • Load Limit:12.5kPa
  • Dual Telco Raiser:Yes (From TBE to DC)
  • Dual MMT Inside DC:Yes
  • Flood Hazard Area:No In past 10 years
  • Multi-Tenant Occupancy:AllowedWithin Building
  • 24x7 CCTV SurveillanceYes Digital Camera Recording on Entrance and Exists
  • Proximity Access Card ControlYes
  • 24x7 Operation:Yes
  • Dirty Earth:Yes
  • Clear Earth:Yes
  • ISO Certification:YesISO 20000, 27001,14000
  • Rack Size:w: 600, d: 980mm, h: 45UWith perforated doors
  • Rack Power Connection :12 x 2, 13A BS1363 Sockets
  • Power Feeds :Single Power FeedsFrom single breaker/UPS then to the rack
  • Voltage:220V, Single Phase, 50Hz
  • Power Provision:2kVA / rack
  • UPS Supply:1N UP15 mins backup under full load
  • Generator:YesSupport up to 5 hours power supply at full load
  • Water Leakage Detection:Distance-type water detection system
  • Chiller Plant:N+1 Design, air-cooled Chiller
  • CRAC:N+1 CRAC design4 CRAC inside CRAC corridor
  • Fire Protection:FM200 and VESDA
  • Data Cabling:High Level Ladder for copper cable, High Level Fibre runner for fibre cable, ** Dedicated Bandwidth subscription might be required.
  • Rack Size:w: 600, d: 1100mm, h: 45UWith perforated doors
  • Rack Power Connection :12 x 2, 13A BS1363 Sockets
  • Power Feeds :Dual Power FeedsUPS to each Rack
  • Voltage:220V, Single Phase, 50Hz
  • Power Provision:3-6kVA / rack

Client Distribution

Our clients come from different geolocations as of:

  • 33%
    Asian Countries
  • 29%
    China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan
  • 25%
    European Countries
  • 13%

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