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Management Services Packages

Limited by resources and professional IT knowledge, some clients subscribe our Management Service for their IT facilities, such as server, router, firewall, backup, office network, email management and etc. This solution provides an affordable and cost-effective way of handling business IT issues, to assure smooth daily business operations.

Hardware Check / Replace Y Y Y Y
Software Firewall Config Y Y Y Y
DNS Management Y Y Y Y
Uptime Monitoring Daily Hourly / 30 min / 5 min
OS Reload / mon 1 2 3 8
Phone / Email Support Office Hour 24 x 7 24 x 7 24 x 7
Response Time (min) 8-24 Hr 4-12 Hr 2-8 Hr 1-8 Hr
Support Tickets 5 10 20 Unlimited
OS Upgrade / Patch - Y Y Y
Traffic Analysis - Y Y Y
System Hardening - Y Y Y
Account Manager - Y Y Y
Backup Space - - 500 GB 500 GB
Live Chat - - Y Y
Hardware Config - - Y Y
Downtime Analysis - - Y Y
Performance Analysis - - Y Y
Application Management negotiate negotiate negotiate negotiate
Pricing / mon HK$800+ HK$1,200+ HK$1,500+ HK$2,500+

** NOTE: For MS-C and MS-X, specific hardware / devices might be required to ensure high SLA level, such as Dual Power supply, hardware firewall. RAID-1/RAID-10 storage mirroring technique might also be required.

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